Enjoy your kitchen / Disfruta de tu cocina

The kitchen is usually one of the most used rooms in the house, don’t you think?

We spend a reasonable period of time there, and not only preparing the meals but also eating and having after-meal conversations around the table with family or friends. So the kitchen becomes a sort of living room.

This idea is based on a kitchen with enough space to have an integrated dining area, although I am sure that even if your kitchen is small, you will also find some useful ideas.

I hope these kitchens inspire you to design a nice atmosphere at home, where all the family can enjoy a beautiful kitchen and tasty meals!

La cocina suele ser una de las habitaciones más utilizadas en la casa, ¿no te parece?

Pasamos un período razonable de tiempo en ella, y no sólo preparando las comidas, sino también comiendo y charlando en la sobremesa con la familia o amigos. Así que la cocina se convierte en una especie de sala de estar.

Esta idea se basa en una cocina con espacio suficiente para incluir una zona de comedor integrada, aunque estoy segura de que incluso si tu cocina es pequeña, también encontraras ideas útiles.

Espero que estas cocinas te inspiren a diseñar un ambiente agradable en tu hogar, donde toda la familia pueda disfrutar de una bonita cocina y de comidas sabrosas!


  1. Cambia el material o el color de una de las paredes para diferenciar zonas.
  2. Utiliza alfombras para separar visualmente el espacio.
  3. Usa sillas de diferentes estilos para dar personalidad a la habitación.
  4. Crea dos ambientes colocando iluminación focal.
  5. Una mesa estrecha y un par de taburetes son perfectos para espacios reducidos.






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Creative Headboards





bedroom-headboard-country living

I recently spoke with a friend of mine who is thinking about renovating her bedroom and including an old door as a  bed headboard , which I believe it’s a great idea.

You can find vintage doors (wooden pallets or room dividers would work too) at antique shops, interior design showrooms or on the internet of course!.

If you choose the DIY project option, it will then be the time to roll up your sleeves and start a quite hard but enjoyable job (think about the satisfaction when you finish it!!). In this blog you can see all the steps that Sheila followed to make her own. Alternatively, you can go for the easiest – less funny?- option of buying it ready to use 😉  

There are plenty of inspiring ideas out there to re-use second hand furniture. For instance, visit these webs: www.elsabordeloantiguo.com. and www.housebeautifull.com

Photos via: 
www.elpaisdesarah.com1000detalles1000ideas.comdecoracion.facilisimo.comblogs.hoy.es, countryliving.com

Warm and cozy nights

With the cold weather we tend to spend more time at home. So it is time to prepare your house for the future chilly evenings!

The living room is probably the place that we use more, and it is worth adapt it to the new season.

Nothing like a wool blanket and a comfy sofa to make you feel at ease.

Including hard-wearing rugs, soft blankets, and changing cushion covers and curtains for thicker and warmer textiles, will help you to achieve the perfect autumn/winter atmosphere.

This will make your sitting room look and feel cozier that ever! But careful! don’t use too much softness and warmth or you’ll never leave the house 😉

Find more inspiration in these images.

cozy room5

cozy room3

cozy room4

cozy room1

cozy room6


images: www.refresheddesigns.comwww.topdreamer.com10drawerquestions.blogspot.com