Kitchen Design…

A well-planned kitchen requires some time to think about it. Before starting the project there are many things to consider such as layout, suitable materials, proper lighting, convenient color, efficient appliances, and also ergonomics to make it comfortable and adapted to our personal needs.

I enjoy cooking a lot, so I like spacious, bright and easy kitchens. My dream Kitchen should have a large counter-top, beautiful kitchen cabinets, an spacious dining area, the best appliances, space to grow some aromatic herbs…(it is a dream kitchen!), but furthermore, it should be a place where I can relax and feel comfy to share time with family and friends.

Have a look at these five dreamy designs and tell me what you think! šŸ˜‰

bulthaup kitchen

butlhaup kitchen_2

siematic kitchen

Ā Images: AD Mexico magazine, devol kitchens, bulthaup kitchens and siematic kitchens.


Summer inspiration…

Are you getting ready for the summer?Ā Great! Here you have a bunch of inspirational summer interiors and exteriors.

I hope they give you new ideas to use at home šŸ˜‰



Get ready for Spring…

Spring is the perfect time to give a fresh and renovated look to your bedroom, don’t you think? šŸ™‚

Adding colourful floral prints, a striped bed cover, or white and neat sheets combined with patterned cushions, it will give your room a new and crispĀ spring style.

I findĀ these bed linen photos very inspiring, and I hope you get some new bedroom ideas from them too šŸ˜‰


bed linen 5.jpgbed linen 10.jpgbed linen 7.jpgbed linen 4.jpgdeb linen 2.jpgbed linen 9.jpgbed line 8.jpgbed linen.jpgbed linen 6.jpg

images: zarahome


5 Steps to Update Your Living Room Easily

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As I have mentioned before, redecorating or updating a room, can be easy and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Only with a fewĀ improvements – and a small budget – we will get a new and fresh look.

These are my suggestions:

  1. Change cushions covers. Use a different fabric that matches the rest of the room style.
  2. IncludeĀ a new lamp to the room – you can swap one from another room too! –
  3. If your budget allows you, reupholster your sofa with a new and neat fabric. Otherwise, you canĀ cover it with an elegant sofa blanket.
  4. Add a couple of new matching frames for your favourites pictures.
  5. BringĀ a different console tableĀ or buyĀ a couple of box containers. This will add an elegant touch and also will help you to keep the room nice and tidy!

And remember to have a look at your local flea market or to visitĀ theĀ antique shopsĀ of your city to find unique furniture.

-Furniture and cushions from:

-Picture Frame and Box from: