Summer inspiration…

Are you getting ready for the summer?Ā Great! Here you have a bunch of inspirational summer interiors and exteriors.

I hope they give you new ideas to use at home šŸ˜‰




Living Rooms with Character…

Here is a small collection of Living Rooms. Rooms with character to enjoy the timeĀ we spend on them, which usually isĀ quite a lot šŸ˜‰

Which one is your favourite?

apartment therapy living

apartment therapy

livingroom with character


livingroom with character

livingroom with character

livingroom with character

Images:Ā andĀ

Get ready for Spring…

Spring is the perfect time to give a fresh and renovated look to your bedroom, don’t you think? šŸ™‚

Adding colourful floral prints, a striped bed cover, or white and neat sheets combined with patterned cushions, it will give your room a new and crispĀ spring style.

I findĀ these bed linen photos very inspiring, and I hope you get some new bedroom ideas from them too šŸ˜‰


bed linen 5.jpgbed linen 10.jpgbed linen 7.jpgbed linen 4.jpgdeb linen 2.jpgbed linen 9.jpgbed line 8.jpgbed linen.jpgbed linen 6.jpg

images: zarahome


Kitchen Renovation…

Hi all,

I’m always thinking about design ideas for improving the look of spaces. My parents summer house it is a source of inspiration inĀ this matter.Ā 

It is a large property, with three floors, a bigĀ yard with many fruit trees and a swimming pool.Ā 

It is mostly used during spring, summer time, and short periods in winter, andĀ this is when the house gets a bit.. forgotten.

Besides, the interiorĀ decorĀ of the house is not the best, and I believe we are not taking advantage of itsĀ great potencial.Ā Ā 

I decided to start aĀ personal project beginning with the renovation of the kitchen in the ground floor, so again, I jumped into Blender to make a few sketches and renders.

As you can see, the kitchen ceiling is a bit low but the roomĀ has a good size (around 10m2) and the big fireplace is lovely to gather around in the cooler days.

The main idea isĀ to create a bright, modern-rustic andĀ cozy look.

**Please notice that the generated images are just initials ideas and the dimensionsĀ are not exacts!

I would love to hear your comments.

Thanks for stopping by!

This is how it looks now:


This is my design proposal:

cocina vista general



Design proposal:

cocina vista derecha



Design Proposal:

cocina vista izquierda