Kitchen Design…

A well-planned kitchen requires some time to think about it. Before starting the project there are many things to consider such as layout, suitable materials, proper lighting, convenient color, efficient appliances, and also ergonomics to make it comfortable and adapted to our personal needs.

I enjoy cooking a lot, so I like spacious, bright and easy kitchens. My dream Kitchen should have a large counter-top, beautiful kitchen cabinets, an spacious dining area, the best appliances, space to grow some aromatic herbs…(it is a dream kitchen!), but furthermore, it should be a place where I can relax and feel comfy to share time with family and friends.

Have a look at these five dreamy designs and tell me what you think! ūüėČ

bulthaup kitchen

butlhaup kitchen_2

siematic kitchen

 Images: AD Mexico magazine, devol kitchens, bulthaup kitchens and siematic kitchens.


5 Pools to Dream About…

Mid August and very hot, as usual in this part of the globe. I want to share with you some¬†beautiful¬†swimming pools¬†to ‘freshen up’¬†your day a bit.

These pools are situated in idyllic places and I think they have been very well designed, by considering the space and the amazing nature that surrounds the area, and by using natural materials such as wood and stone.

piscina3 AD mexicopiscina2 AD mexicopiscina2 AD francepiscina4 AD mexicopiscina5 AD mexico

photos via AD Mexico , AD France .

Interior Design Visualisation


This is a new project I’m working on. It is a spacious and modern living room with great views to the sea.

I created the model with Blender. Textures are from and lamps and chairs are from

Please feel free to add some comments if you wish!

Thank you!


livingroom beach house view-post

livingroom dining area


software: blender