Kitchen Renovation…

Hi all,

I’m always thinking about design ideas for improving the look of spaces. My parents summer house it is a source of inspiration in this matter. 

It is a large property, with three floors, a big yard with many fruit trees and a swimming pool. 

It is mostly used during spring, summer time, and short periods in winter, and this is when the house gets a bit.. forgotten.

Besides, the interior decor of the house is not the best, and I believe we are not taking advantage of its great potencial.  

I decided to start a personal project beginning with the renovation of the kitchen in the ground floor, so again, I jumped into Blender to make a few sketches and renders.

As you can see, the kitchen ceiling is a bit low but the room has a good size (around 10m2) and the big fireplace is lovely to gather around in the cooler days.

The main idea is to create a bright, modern-rustic and cozy look.

**Please notice that the generated images are just initials ideas and the dimensions are not exacts!

I would love to hear your comments.

Thanks for stopping by!

This is how it looks now:


This is my design proposal:

cocina vista general



Design proposal:

cocina vista derecha



Design Proposal:

cocina vista izquierda



4 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation…

  1. Me encanta el nuevo diseño Eva! Le da un aire completamente distinto,luminoso y acogedor.Una pregunta: ¿ de dónde es el sillón de fibra natural que has puesto junto a la chimenea? Me encanta! Bszo

    • Hola Maria Jose!
      Muchas gracias!
      Ese sillon en concreto es un modelo creado en 3D y que descargué desde ‘3D Warehouse Sketchup’, una página especifica de modelado con el software Sketchup.
      Es un diseño de los anos 60.
      Te mandare un email con sitios donde podras encontrarlo.

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