5 Tips for the Perfect Guest Bedroom.

When we have guests at home, we all like them to feel welcome and comfortable, right? Also, if you are the guest, it is a nice surprise to find new towels, fresh flowers, or a pair of slippers when you arrive to the bedroom.

Here is a small list of things that come very handy and are very easy to organize, to create an elegant room where your guests will feel like home!

1. Make it simple. If you don’t have much furniture, don’t worry, with a couple of boxes, stacked magazines or books you can create an original bedside table.

scandinavian master bedroom 7

2. Extra cushions and blankets, they add extra comfort!

scandinavian bedroom 9

3. Maximize the space. Place a shelf or a tray, so your guests can have their belongings organised and at hand.


4. Add a mirror to the room and let your guests have a moment of vanity!


5. Go for white. Both, white walls and white bed linen create a clean, bright and calmed atmosphere.


There are many other details which you could use to please your guests: an aromatic candle, a soap box, a bottle of water or even some chocolate! Just think what you would like for yourself 😉

Thanks for reading!

images: apartment therapy


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