5 Steps to Update Your Living Room Easily

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As I have mentioned before, redecorating or updating a room, can be easy and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Only with a few improvements – and a small budget – we will get a new and fresh look.

These are my suggestions:

  1. Change cushions covers. Use a different fabric that matches the rest of the room style.
  2. Include a new lamp to the room – you can swap one from another room too! –
  3. If your budget allows you, reupholster your sofa with a new and neat fabric. Otherwise, you can cover it with an elegant sofa blanket.
  4. Add a couple of new matching frames for your favourites pictures.
  5. Bring a different console table or buy a couple of box containers. This will add an elegant touch and also will help you to keep the room nice and tidy!

And remember to have a look at your local flea market or to visit the antique shops of your city to find unique furniture.

-Furniture and cushions from: www.madeindesign.co.uk

-Picture Frame and Box from: www.ikea.com


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