Ideas for a Perfect Home…in Blue

blue home inspiration

If I imagine my dream home, there are many varied ideas that come to my mind. But, I always think about spacious, bright and cozy rooms. My perfect house would have wooden floors, indoor plants, big windows, colorful fabrics, comfy sofas, and much more…

As I mentioned in other posts, I like mixing styles; I prefer to decorate a house with different, old and modern pieces of furniture to add your own character and personality to it.

For this first mood board, (I will create more), I have chosen four rooms and the blue, in different hues, as a main color.

Let’s dream then:

Working from home, which is my case, is not a novelty anymore, it is actually very common, not only for freelancers, but also for companies which take advantage of it . My office area, would be creative and simple, yet functional.


A bright and spacious -retro look- living room, with bare walls, big windows and more blue!


For the bedroomasymmetrical design, quality fabrics and wallpaper.


Lastly, the bathroom, would have some rustic elements, like a wooden cabinet and antique style lights, therefore, it would feel as warm and cozy as the rest of the house



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