Keep it Nice…and Tidy

Small apartment, spacious flat, detached house… it doesn’t matter where you live or how big the place is. If it is well organized, it will look much more beautiful and you will be happier!

We tend to accumulate quite a lot of things over the years, but sometimes it is good to remember the famous phrase: ‘Less is more’ and apply that idea to our home design.

less is more

less is more2

less is more3

There are many ways of improving the look of a room, one of the simplest would be to get rid of things that you don’t use, don’t like or just don’t go with the rest of the room.

Donate them, give them away or sell them, just do it!. The result will be immediate! You will start having the house you really like!

To get some more inspiration, see these makeovers here from and start your challenge now!

Finally, if you need some tips for how to keep your house nice, tidy and clean! click here, the blog of Melissa Michaels.


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