Antique shops

Antique shops are ideal to find unique items for your home.

Walking through the bohemian streets of the city of Bordeaux in France, I came across with quite a lot, and I found them really original, not only for the furniture they had but for the way they displayed all the products, creating fantastic showrooms.

Some of the shops were inside old buildings with rear gardens, where centenary trees were in harmony with chairs, mirrors and many other special objects.

From small pieces like retro lamps, vintage posters or plant pots, to big ones such as, wooden doors or dining tables, they all can have a magnificent impact on the style of your house, because they will add character and personality to it.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the antique shops in your town (or nearby). I hope you find the treasure you are looking for, or even better: to find a surprising piece of art! 😉



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