Just a thought…

I just saw an article about the tallest skyscrapers that will be finished on 2013 and made me think about the kind of cities that are been created lately.

When I look at these buildings, I see the magistral architectural and engineering work. I see the innovative styles and beautiful designs, however I also see that the new landscape is incongruous in some cases. Some of the new blocks are just few meters from each others blocking the view and the sunlight. Is this the kind of city we need or want?

I believe this is happening more often in economy emergent cities which can make generous investments to be quickly ‘put on the map’.

Anyway, tons of concrete, glass and metal should be mixed in harmony with old constructions and green areas.  They should also follow sensible city planning rules. We need quality of life, we deserve it.

I say ‘yes’ to evolution and modernity, and to new design challenges but, why not doing it by following logic and thinking about the human beings who live there?


images via: dezeen.com






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